2017 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Arts Festival
2017 Celebrating the 10th Anniversary : A Castle of Golden Sands in Fulong.
Festival period: May 6 (Saturday) ~ July 16 (Sunday), 2017
Fulong Beach

Taiwan is blessed with plenty of natural resources that can be used to draw visitors, such as the three kilometer-long golden beach between Yanliao and Fulong in the Northeast Coast. For its soft, highly cohesive white quartz sands, this beach is acknowledged by the World Sand Sculpting Association to be the best for making sand sculptures in Taiwan.

It has been ten years since the Administration held the first Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival in 2008 to promote sand sculpting art in Taiwan. Each year, more people were drawn to take part in the event. This year's festival (2017) will still be jointly held by the Administration and the Fullon Hotels & Resorts like in the past years. By co-organizing the event with the company, the Administration hopes to instill different energy into the festival while attracting even more visitors.

Opening Dates / Hours

Festival period: May 6 (Saturday) ~ July 16 (Sunday), 2017
Opening hours: Daily from 08:30~ 18:00


Fulong Beach

About the Festival

This year's festival theme is "Celebrating the 10th Anniversary : A Castle of Golden Sands in Fulong." Visitors from around the world are cordially invited to enjoy the grand artistic festival at golden Fulong in the Northeast Coast.

This summer, some skilled sand sculptors will present to the public a magical castle of golden quartz sands that they've built. The castle is said to come from a 10-year-old girl's dreams. You are cordially invited to enter this unique sand sculpture world and take part in this fairytale-like festival. The reception fountains, fantastical garden, happy angels and naughty devils are all here to celebrate the festival's 10th anniversary with you!

Ticket Info

Ticket Type Ticket Price
Adult NT$ 100 for adults.
Group NT$90 per person for any group of 20 members or more.
Priority NT$50 for 3-12 years old or those who are 65 years old or more.
Free Free admission is given to physically/mentally challenged visitors, including one accompanying individual. Please present an ID to enjoy this offer.

1. The sea area is not open for now. Only the land area is accessible to the public. In case of change of weather, danger or emergency, the land area may be closed.
2. Swimming is strictly forbidden during non-opening hours and outside of the assigned festival zone.
3. The following visitors are forbid from entering the festival site:
 !Drunken people
 !People who carry dangerous or forbidden goods such as knives and guns
4. Do not make fire or camp in the site.
5. Do not littler glass bottles or metal cans.
6. All vehicles are restricted from entering the beach except the organizer's.
7. Do not climb the lifeguard tower, report fake rescue cases, or do anything that interferes with the lifeguards' work.
8. Never play with rescue equipment.
9. In case of emergency or any other unexpected situation, please follow the instructions of lifeguards and one-site festival staff.