Event Info

In the Northeast Coast, between Yanliao and Fulong, there is an extensive 3km-long golden beach called Fulong Beach. Its quartz sands are soft, white and delicate, of a great texture. After being mixed with water, the sands become highly elastic and easy to stick. Fulong Beach is acknowledged by the World Sand Sculpting Association as Taiwan’s most suitable place for making sand sculptures. It is also the place of origin of Taiwan’s large-scale openair sand art festivals. Fulong Beach is ideal for water activities such as sailing and canoeing, too. This makes it possible for sand festival participants to enjoy all kinds of watery fun in addition to appreciating impressive sand art on the beach.

To promote sand art in Taiwan, in 2008, Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival was held for the first time. The number of participants has been increasing since then. In 2018, it will be held for the 11th time. This year, the festival is still jointly held by Fulon Hotels of Lih Pao Group. By working with Fulon Hotels, the government hopes to instill energy from the private sector, making the festival much livelier than ever.

Opening Time

Festival period: April 21 (Saturday) ~ July 15 (Sunday), 2018
Opening hours: Daily from 08:30~ 18:00


Fulong Beach

About the Festival

This year’s festival theme is “A Remarkable Journey into Golden Sands - Let’s Find Love and Courage Together!”. The Tourism Bureau has selected six counties, 10 islands, and a few coastal areas in Taiwan for promoting tourism. The festival is interactive, creative and full of fun. People from all over the world are cordially invited to the Golden Beach of Fulong in the Northeast Coast, to attend this artistic feast of sand sculptures together.

1. Sand art space

This space features innovative sand paintings and underground sand sculptures. Here, visitors are sure to find that the festival is unlike before!

2. 15 interactive sand sculptures

This time, let’s play with sand sculptures! This festival has the largest number of interactive sand sculptures in the country. Their movements and facial expressions make them so full of life.

3. IP (intellectual property) license

Thanks to IP license, the popular Peppa Pig and Octonauts are turned into real sand sculptures, meeting people at the festival site. Souvenirs which can only be purchased at this festival are sold.

4. Beach facilities

Other than sand sculptures and sunshine on the beach at Fulon Hotels, this time, entertainment facilities are installed, such as gigantic inflated pads and water equipment. Related services are provided all day long, making the festival all the more fun.

Ticket Info

Ticket Type Ticket Price
Adult NT$ 100 for adults.
Group NT$90 per person for any group of 20 members or more.
Priority NT$50 for 3-12 years old or those who are 65 years old or more.
Free * Free for children who are 3 years old or younger
* Free for residents of Gongliao, upon presenting a valid ID (borrowing other’s ID is forbidden)


  1. The sea area is not open for now. Only the land area is accessible to the public. In case of change of weather, danger or emergency, the land area may be closed.
  2. Swimming is strictly forbidden during non-opening hours and outside of the assigned festival zone.
  3. The following visitors are forbid from entering the festival site:
    !Drunken people
    !People who carry dangerous or forbidden goods such as knives and guns
  4. Do not make fire or camp in the site.
  5. Do not littler glass bottles or metal cans.
  6. All vehicles are restricted from entering the beach except the organizer's.
  7. Do not climb the lifeguard tower, report fake rescue cases, or do anything that interferes with the lifeguards' work.
  8. Never play with rescue equipment.
  9. In case of emergency or any other unexpected situation, please follow the instructions of lifeguards and one-site festival staff.