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          The natural forces created the exquisite carvings
       and world-class geological phenomena on Taiwan's
       Northeast Coast. Subject to the alternation of ocean
       erosion and weathering over millions of years, this
       scenic area is known for its abundant and bizarre
       rock formations. Its distinctive landscape---dotted
       with the famous mushroom rocks, beehive rocks, tofu
       rocks (or chessboard rock), weathering rings, ocean-
       erosion ditches and marine pot holes---is an extremely
       magnificent and invaluable treasure given by Mother   大自然精心雕鑿,賦與東北角海岸世界級的地質景
       Nature to the human beings.                觀。在海水千百萬年來的侵蝕、風化交互作用下,豐富
          Through the establishment of “Bitou-Longdong
       Geological Park”, we hope to offer tourists at home
       and abroad a scenic spot suitable for geological and
       ecological trips, as well as the best field-trip site for   大自然贈與人類,至為璀璨耀眼的無價瑰寶。
       school programs in geology---and consequently   我們期望藉由「鼻頭─龍洞地質公園」的成立,提
       meet our goal of providing ecological entertainment-
       education. With an aim to achieve a balance between
       environmental protection and regional socio-economic   戶外教學活動的最佳場所,進而達成寓教於樂的生態教
       development, the Bitou-Longdong Geological Park   育目標。促使環境保護與區域社經發展達成平衡,推行
       promotes environment-friendly eco-tourism that protects   對環境友好,實現保護、教育和觀光發展的生態旅遊概
       the ecology, offers education and promotes tourism all
       at the same time. I sincerely invite you to explore the
       Nature’s wonderful works of art at the Northeast Coast-  鬼斧神工,來趟深度的地質生態體驗之旅!
       --on an in-depth geological and ecological trip!         東北角暨宜蘭海岸國家風景區管理處

       Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration              處長


                                                                 Geopark at Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area
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