activity description

From the salt to the Fulong area in the northeast corner, it stretches for three kilometers of golden sand beach. The sandy sand is quartz sand, soft and white, and has a good touch. It has good plasticity and easy adhesion after being water. It is recognized by the World Sand Sculpture Association as the most suitable sand sculpture in Taiwan. The place is the founding place of Taiwan's large outdoor sand sculpture season. The location of the sand sculpture season, Fulong Beach, can be used for water sports such as water, sailing and canoeing. Visitors can not only enjoy the amazing art of sand sculpture, but also experience a number of water activities.

Sand sculpture is a combination of sculpture, culture, painting, architecture, physical fitness and entertainment. It is suitable for all ages and conforms to the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable use. Since 2008, the first "Fulong" has been held. The Sand Sculpture Art Season has entered the 12th year in 2019 and has created a lot of people every year. This year (108) continued to be co-sponsored with the Libao Construction Furong Hotel Chain Group. Through the cooperation of the production and government, the multi-industry energy was invested to make the "2019 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Season" re-create the event.

Activity time

April 19 (Friday) to August 25 (Day)
Daily opening time:
Monday to Friday 8:00AM~6:00PM (last admission time 5:30PM)
Saturday to Sunday 8:00AM~9:00PM (last admission time 8:30PM)

Event Location

Fulong Beach


This year's sand sculpture theme is "Let the town to find Atlantis", and cooperate with the Tourism Bureau to locate the "Small Town Roaming Year" in Taiwan in 2019, and promote the in-depth experience of visiting Taiwan's beautiful attractions. I hope to invite friends from all over the world to come. The golden sandbank of Fulong in the northeast corner, sharing the infinite creativity of Fulong sand sculpture, the Dacheng art feast!

2019 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival Highlights

First, interactive sand sculpture

Let's play with the sand sculpture! Create the most interactive sand sculpture in China, let the sand sculpture show vitality through different movements and expressions!

Second, night sand sculpture tour

Combining light carving and light environment landscaping, we will create a surprise light carving show. The various theme areas in the exhibition will be combined with the changing LED projection lights. The irregular color changes will make the people feel like a magical journey at night, through the mysterious The underwater world of Atlantis came to the main sculpture to explore the wonders of sand sculpture.

Third, the Kim Records Challenge

This year's sand sculpture season invites 25 sand sculpture artists from 7 countries to gather together Fulong Beach to create 45 themes and interactive sand sculptures, match 20 sand sculptures in domestic and international competitions, and challenge the Jinshi world record this year to the northeast corner. The unique variety of bottlenose dolphins is an image, creating 300 dolphins and sand sculptures to stand for Fulong, challenging the record milestone of "the world's most people create sand sculptures together."

Fourth, surrounding activities

When you come to Furong Hotel to enjoy the sunshine beach and sand sculptures, this time you have joined the rich activities around the city, such as the train railway marathon, the marine craft market and the street performers, which make the whole event more exciting and fun.

Ticket information

In conjunction with this year's 2019 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Season, the event will officially start running. Before the opening ceremony on April 19th, you will enjoy a free admission to the park before 12 o'clock!

project unit unit price Remarks
Full ticket Per person 100 yuan / time
Group ticket Per person 90 yuan / time It takes more than 20 people.
Special ticket Per person 50 yuan / time *Children 3-12 years old
*Presidents over 65 years old, presenting documents

Children under the age of three and children under 90 centimeters (free of charge), free of charge for those with disabilities: The accompanying person (limited to one person) is exempt from admission to the park.

※The residents of Gongga District are free to show their documents, only to me.


  1. At present, the open land and sea areas are temporarily closed, and the sudden changes in weather and emergency situations may be temporarily closed.
  2. Swimming in the water is strictly prohibited during non-open hours and designated swimming areas.
  3. Entry is prohibited in the following cases:
    • Excessive drinking is drunk
    • Carrying prohibited items or knife and gun
  4. It is forbidden to make fire or camp in the area.
  5. It is forbidden to discard glass bottles and metal cans waste at will.
  6. Non-executive official duties, prohibiting vehicles from driving on the beach.
  7. It is forbidden to climb the life-saving tower and lie to ask for help and other behaviors that interfere with life-saving personnel.
  8. It is forbidden to play with life-saving equipment.
  9. In case of emergency or other emergencies, please follow the instructions of life-saving personnel and on-site staff.

Activity unit

Guidance unit: Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications

Organizer: Northeastern Corner of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office, Fullon Hotel Chain Hotel Business

Co-organizers: Taiwan Railway Administration, New Taipei City Government, Gongbei District Office of New Taipei City, Ruifang Branch of Xinbei Municipal Government Police Station, Gongga Branch of New North City Government Fire Station, Second Shore patrol of North Division of Marine Commission Lingbi Mountain Wushengchang, Fulong Commercial Circle Association