Traffic information

1. Mass transportation:

Trains can take the Taitung Railway train to Fulong Station and get off at the event.
Train time inquiry

The bus can be used by Guoguang Passenger Transport (Taipei-Rodong), Keelung Passenger Transport (National New Town-Fulong) and the 2019 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Season. Take the "Taiwan Good Line Golden Fulong Line" and get off at Fulong Visitor Center Station. Instructed to walk to.

2. Drive by yourself:

National Road No. 1 or No. 3 → Taiwan 2 Line (Binhai Highway) → Fulong or surrounding parking lot
National Road No. 1 → Wanrui Expressway → Taiwan 2 Line (Binhai Highway) → Fulong or surrounding parking lot
National Road No. 5 → Shijie Interchange → 106 Line → Pingxi → North 38 → Shuangxi → Taiwan 2 C Line → Fulong or surrounding parking lot
National Road No. 5 → Head City Interchange → Station 9 Line to Head City → Taiwan Line 2 (Binhai Highway) → Fulong or surrounding parking lot

3. Rehabilitation car reservation connection information:

This year's event uses a rehabilitation vehicle equipped with wheelchair lifts and fixed equipment to provide transportation services for people with disabilities. However, in order to provide fair and equitable service to passengers and provide the best service quality, the following notices are set.

Free Rehabilitation Car Connection Application and Appointment Instructions (Scheduled Appointment):

  • Free Rehabilitation Special Bus Application: Internet Application
  • Appointment processing time: 7-10 days before the date of arrival, complete the online appointment form (not accepted)
  • The organizer will send an E-mail letter within 3 days to reply if the appointment is successful and the relevant boarding information.
  • Number of appointment groups: 6 groups of places are limited on the day, and each group can have up to 1 person with physical or mental disabilities + 3 peers.
  • If the reservation is over, it will be prepared (the admission will be notified by phone three days before the date of the trip, without notice).
  • Confirm reservation service line: 04-23214125 #26 Mr. Zhuo
  • Temporary Condition Processing Service Line: 0931-726561 Mr. Zhuo

    ※After boarding, you will be required to show the E-mail letter and the proof of physical and mental impairment (indispensable).

  • Rehabilitation car can make an appointment date

    4/20 (six), 4/27 (six), 5/11 (six), 5/25 (six), 6/15 (six), 6/29 (six), 7/13 (six), 7 /27 (six), 8/10 (six), 8/17 (six)

  • Rehabilitation car connection time

    Morning time 09:00-12:30 → Only for the exhibition route 13:00-17:00 → Nostalgic route only

Rehabilitation car connecting route:

Route 1: Viewing route (time 09:00-12:30)
Fulong StationFulong Visitor CenterFulong Station

Route 2: Nostalgic route (13:00─17:00)
Fulong StationNorth of Old Cao Ling TunnelFulong Station

Rehabilitation car connection time:

★View route (please contact the driver during the following time interval)
Go to Cheng Fulong Station → Sand Sculpture Venue: 09:00 ~ 10:30
Returning sand sculpture venue → Fulong Station: 11:00 ~ 12:30

★ Nostalgic route (please contact the driver during the following time interval)
To Cheng Fulong Station → Old Cao Ling Tunnel North Exit: 13:00 ~ 15:00
Return to the north exit of the old Cao Ling Tunnel → Fulong Station: 15:00~17:00