activity description

The three-kilometer-long golden beach stretched from Yanliao to Fulong in the northeastern corner. The sand is quartz sand, soft and white, and has a good touch. It has good plasticity and easy adhesion after water. It is recognized by the World Sand Sculpture Association as the most suitable sand sculpture in Taiwan. The venue is the founding location of the large outdoor sand sculpture season in Taiwan. Fulong Beach, where the sand sculpture season is held, can also engage in water sports such as paddling, sailing, canoeing, etc., so that visitors can not only enjoy the amazing art of sand sculpture creation, but also experience many water recreation activities.

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Sand sculpture is an artistic creation that combines sculpture, culture, painting, architecture, physical fitness and entertainment. It is suitable for all ages to participate. It is in line with the concept of green, environmental protection and sustainable use. The department has held the first "Fulong" since 2008. The "Sand Sculpture Art Season" has entered its 13th year in 2020, and it has created great success every year. This year (109) continued to be co-hosted with the Libao Group Fullon Hotel Chain Group. By investing in diverse energy from the people, the "2020 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Season" will be able to create another climax of activities.

  • Activity time
    Four months from May 30 to September 30, 109

    Daily opening time: Monday to Sunday 08:00AM to 06:00PM (last admission time 05:30PM)
    ★Business hours are based on on-site announcements

  • Event Location
    Fulong Beach
  • Activities

    This year's sand sculpture is based on the theme of "Dream of the Giants". The exhibition venue designed a variety of interactive experience sand sculpture works, with monthly creative highlights activities, to promote local tourist crowds, and to promote the peak crowd of sand sculpture season, creating new highlights in 2020! Invite friends from all over the world to come to Fulong Golden Beach in the northeast corner to share the artistic feast of the infinite creative collection of Fulong sand sculptures!

Highlights of the 2020 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Season

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  • 1. Interactive sand sculpture and use of different materials:

    Let's play with sand sculpture! The first interactive sand sculpture in China, through different actions and expressions, let the sand sculpture show vitality! In addition, special materials are added to activate the characteristics of sand sculptures, so that the original simple sand sculptures become more vivid, attracting tourists to take photos and punch cards.

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  • Second, the desert adventure zone creates a hot spot for Egyptian wind punching:

    Imagine if there is a pyramid and a human face with a sphinx, and Fulong's endless golden beach, and a beautiful sunset, is it like being in Egypt? (As long as the angle is right, you will definitely believe in Egypt!)

    3. Sand sculpture teaching observation:

    Want to know how to turn Sands into magic? Want to be a creative little sand sculpture artist? During the event, from July to August, two sessions of thematic sand sculpture teaching and observation will be held (for the details of the ladder and registration, please lock the official website of the northeast corner or the fan page of the friends of the northeast corner), including basic teaching of sand sculpture art and sand pile internship. If you are interested, come join us (using the online registration method)!

    • Registration method:

      On 06/22 (Mon), the registration will be open at 12:00 noon, and the online registration reservation system will be adopted, until a total of 2 ladders are full. Please register on the ACCUPASS event website

    • Enrollment:

      30 people per run

    • The first time:

      7/25 (Sat) 13:00-15:00

    • Second session:

      8/22 (Sat) 13:00-15:00

Ticket Information

project unit unit price Remarks
Full ticket Per person 100 yuan/time
Group ticket Per person 90 yuan/time More than 20 people are required.
Special ticket Per person 50 yuan/time *Children 3-12 years old
*Older than 65 years old, show ID

※ Children under the age of three and children under 90 centimeters (free of charge), free tickets for people with physical and mental disabilities; free tickets for accompanying persons (limited to one person).

※ It is free for the residents of Gongliao District to present their IDs, only for themselves


  1. During non-open hours and within the designated swimming area, swimming under water is strictly prohibited.
  2. Those under the following circumstances are prohibited from entering:
    *Those who drink too much and become intoxicated
    *Those who carry prohibited items or knives
  3. It is forbidden to set fire or camp in the area.
  4. It is forbidden to arbitrarily discard the waste of glass bottles and metal cans.
  5. Without carrying out official duties, vehicles are prohibited from driving on the beach.
  6. It is forbidden to climb the life-saving tower, lie about asking for help and other behaviors that interfere with life-saving personnel.
  7. It is forbidden to play with life-saving equipment at will.
  8. In case of emergency or other emergencies, please follow the instructions of life-saving personnel and on-site staff.
  9. This year's event is in response to the needs of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention. The on-site flow control and temperature measurement will be carried out at the scene, sorry for the inconvenience.