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 Words from Tourism Bureau Director-General  Words from the Director of the Administration

 觀光局一直致力在觀光硬體中導入美學,                                  蔚藍海岸、熱情陽光和絕佳沙質,是福隆沙灘獨

 期讓美學成為美好生活的連結者,提升生活質                           特的資源特色。今年福隆國際沙雕藝術季由17國30
 感,每年舉辦的福隆國際沙雕藝術季就是最佳                           位沙雕師共同創作,透過奇幻的沙雕作品,邀請大家
 實例;而福隆國際沙雕藝術季也在政府、民間                           一起拜訪那連結東、西方的古老「絲路」;再用「馬可

 協力帶動下,成功行銷臺灣觀光魅力並提升國                           波羅遊記」中,西方人的視野揭開神秘東方世界面紗;
 際曝光度,增進遊客來訪率。                                  然後,跟隨「鄭和」、「哥倫布」等歷史上的探險王和
                                                「環遊世界80 天」、「西遊記」等經典文學展開海、陸
 2014 年福隆國際沙雕藝術季已邁入第七
 的珍貴交流契機,年度主題「金沙傳奇 不思議旅程」引領國內、外遊客自在的穿梭沙  相較於以往的沙雕藝術季,今年本處貼心地於活動現場全面性設置無障礙木棧步

 雕、沙灘、悠遊東北角海岸風光之中,時空之旅虛幻交錯,進而啟發旅行想像力,創  道,提供友善的旅遊環境,以讓所有遊客都能輕鬆快樂的近距離觀賞沙雕,感受不思
 造了遊客、旅遊業者、政府三贏的局面。  議沙雕旅程所呈現的視覺震撼力。

 We have endeavored to combine aesthetics with tourism hardware for years in an   聚積成偉大美麗的生命力。
 attempt to create a wonderful life and enhance life quality. Therefore, Fulong International
 Sand Sculpture Art Festival is held every year. Throughout the cooperation from both the   The azure seashore, warm sunshine, and golden sand contribute to the uniqueness
 government and private enterprises, this grand event successfully promotes Taiwan's tourism   of Fulong Beach. Thirty sculptors coming from 17 countries collaborate side by side to
 industry, increase Taiwan's international identity, and attract more visitors all over the world.   present fine artistic works during Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival. This grand
                event broadens visitor’s view through various sand sculptures. There are ancient ‘silk road’
 2014 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival, now in its 7th year, not only   connecting the East and the West, Marco Polo’s journey to unveil the mysterious world of the
 becomes an annual domestic spotlight, but also provides a valuable opportunity to exchange   East from a westerner’s perspective, more historic adventures from Zheng He and Columbus,
 ideas of art internationally. The theme of this year, ‘An incredible journey of the gold sand   ‘Around the world in 80 days’ and ‘Journey to the West’ to explore more adventures, and the
 legends’ has attracted visitors to unveil the beauty from a variety of sand sculptures within the   discovery of the mystery of outer space from the 12 Zodiacs.
 lovely scenery of the northeast. This time travel further inspires visitor’s creativity and satisfies   Different from the past Sand Sculpture Art Festival, we specially design a barrier-free
 visitors, tourism industry, and the government.   wooden trail all-round to provide a friendly environment for every visitor. We wish everyone

 Hereby, we wish that through a series of activities held in Fulong International Sand   can witness the stunning visual effect from these fantastic sand sculptures during their tour.
 Sculpture Art Festival, Taiwan can be seen worldwide and people not only get to know the   Through each large-sized sand sculpture on the beach, it is obvious to observe sculptors’
 northeast on this island but also fall in love with Fulong Sand Sculpture.  exquisite skills and patience. If you take a close look at each piece, you will be touched by the
                vividness and integrity through different traces of time. I would like to express my gratitude to
                everyone’s hard work to present the beauty of vitality through sand sculptures on Fulong beach.

 交通部觀光局   局長          交通部觀光局東北角暨宜蘭海岸國家風景區管理處   處長
 Tourism Bureau Director-General, Hsieh Wei-chun  Director of the Administration , Fang Zheng-guang

 4  金沙傳奇 不思議 / 旅程 一沙一世界                                                                      序    5
 Incredible Golden Sand Legends                                                           Preface
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