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2014 福隆沙雕 不思議                                                                                             2014 Incredible Sand Sculptures

                                                                                                                        in Fulong

             當創作美學遇見流行時尚  激盪出國際藝術創意火花                                                                                  Artistic creation and popular fashion inspire creativity of art internationally

                  「2014 福隆國際沙雕藝術季」預告記者會於 2014 年 4 月 21 日在交通部觀光局                                                             The press conference  was held at the Visitor Information Center of Tourism Bureau,
                                                                                                                       MOTC on April 21st, 2014. Models from the domestic leading fashion company, Eelin Star,
             旅遊服務中心舉行,記者會上特別邀請時尚指標 - 伊林璀璨之星,帶來「時尚風、瘋
                                                                                                                       were invited to perform a fashion show based on a theme of 'Craze for fashion and sand
             沙雕」的主題秀,更由本屆國際賽選手代表與美麗女模特兒共同走秀並在現場進行沙                                                                     sculpture'. Representative sculptors who participated in the International Competition and

             雕創作,預告今年的「不思議」沙雕旅程即將展開。                                                                                   beautiful models did the catwalk together. Sculptors also demonstrated the sand sculpture
                                                                                                                       on the spot to announce the arrival of this year's incredible journey of sand sculpture.
             5 月 3 日盛大開幕  海洋女神共同揭幕
                                                                                                                       Grand opening ceremony on May 3 with Goddess of Sea's presence
                  由貢寮國中的同學帶來熱力四射的舞蹈開場,更邀請化身海洋女神的伊林名模王                                                                       The Opening Ceremony began with a dancing performance from students of
             麗雅,共同與出席貴賓手持海星魔法棒進行揭幕,精心設計的海洋風造型氣球緩緩升                                                                     Gongliao Junior High school. Eelin's model, Wang Li-ya, dressing as the Goddess of
                                                                                                                       Sea, was invited to unveil this grand event with our distinguished guests. The rising sea-
             起,主題大型沙雕震撼現身,象徵今年沙雕季「金沙傳奇不思議 旅程」正式揭開序幕。
                                                                                                                       styled balloons and large-sized sand sculptures with different themes symbolized the
             穿越時空遨遊世界 A 咖偶像也瘋狂                                                                                         official arrival of this year's Sand Sculpture Festival, 'Incredible Golden Sand Legends'.

                  今年共展示 71 座超過 80 件沙雕作品,因此娛樂圈也興起一股仲夏沙雕旋風,                                                              Idols becoming fans to explore this time journey

             由吳慷仁、夏于喬、李政穎、雷瑟琳主演的當紅偶像劇『A 咖的路』和由賀軍翔、柯                                                                         There were more than 70 sculptures on display with a 2014 theme of "Incredible
                                                                                                                       Golden Sand Legends". This craze for sand sculptures had also swept the entertainment
             佳嬿攜手合作的熱門偶像劇『勇敢說出我愛你』也前往福隆朝聖;現場更有這 2 部人
                                                                                                                       industry in Taiwan. The currently popular drama, 'Rock N' Road' and the 'Say I Love You'
             氣偶像劇及演員的專屬沙雕,是前所未有的創作展示體驗。                                                                                also filmed at Fulong Beach. Therefore, visitors were able to see the exclusive sand
                                                                                                                       sculptures made based these two popular dramas at Fulong Beach.
             耀動 30 東北角  攜手福氣慶端午
                                                                                                                       Northeast's splendid 30th anniversary and Celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival
                  東北角暨宜蘭海岸國家風景區管理處成立至今屆滿 30 週年且適逢三天端午連
                                                                                                                            This administration office was founded on Jun 1, 1984.Its 30th anniversary this
             假,因此特別推出「福隆國際沙雕慶端午」好禮回饋遊客系列活動,由觀光局謝謂君                                                                     year happened to be the 3-day holiday weekend for the Dragon Boat Festival. The

             局長、管理處方正光處長帶領吉祥物福氣龍,至福隆沙雕區現場發送 200 份端午小香                                                                  Director of the Tourism Bureau, Xie Wei-jun, and the Director of the Administration, Fang
                                                                                                                       Zheng-guang prepared 200 fragrant sachets to give away to the visitors at Fulong Beach
             包給遊客,與遊客共同分享 30 週年生日喜悅。
                                                                                                                       to celebrate the 30th anniversary as well as the Dragon Boat Festival.
             媒體行銷夯  福隆超吸睛                                                                                              Fulong attracts a huge attention through continuous media marketing

              1. 電視露出                                  2. 平面露出                                                         On TV                                      Publications
             廣告         23 支,分 3 個波段播出                 廣編     見刊媒體包括蘋果日報、GQ 雜誌,總計                                      Commercial  23 commercials displayed at three   Advertorial  5 advertorials on Apple Daily and GQ
                                                                                                                                   sessions                                  Magazine.
             新聞 PROMO   1 支,分 11 天共 32 個波段播出                  露出 5 篇廣編報導。
                                                                                                                       News        1 news displayed on 11 days at 32   News report  6 news reports on Apple Daily, Liberty
             專題報導       分開幕報導及展中報導,包含三立、               報導     見刊媒體包括蘋果日報、自由時報、中                                                    sessions                                  Times, and China Times.
                        中天 2 個頻道採訪,共計 17 則                    國時報,總計露出 6 篇平面報紙報導。                                      In-depth    17 in-depth coverage about the   Press release  6 press releases on Apply Daily, Liberty
                                                                                                                       coverage    opening ceremony and the display on       Times, China Times, Commercial Times,
             新聞報導       包含三立、年代、TVBS、東森、民              消息稿    見刊媒體包括蘋果日報、自由時報、中                                                    Set TV and CTI TV.                        and Next Magazine.
                        視、中天、壹電視、姊妹愛漂亮等 7                     國時報、工商時報、壹週刊,總計露出                                        News report  18 news report on Set TV, Era TV,
                                                                                                                                   TVBS, ET TV, FTV, CTI TV, Next TV,
                        個頻道採訪,共計 18 則                         6 篇平面消息稿報導。
                                                                                                                                   and Beauty Chatter.
             其他報導       中天偶像劇「勇敢說出我愛你」置入報導                                                                             Others      Extra report in CTI TV's drama - 'Say I
                                                                                                                                   Love You'

       6   金沙傳奇 不思議 / 旅程 一沙一世界                                                                                                                                                           2014 福隆沙雕 不思議     7
           Incredible Golden Sand Legends                                                                                                                                    2014 Incredible sand sculptures in Fulong
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