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築夢踏沙,                                                                                                   2008           歷屆沙雕回顧

             故事從腳下的土地開始                                                                                                             沙雕再現,重啟福隆記憶

                                                                                                                           在 2008 年的夏日,東北角海岸再次出現一座座動人的沙雕作品,吸引目
                   臺灣最早的沙雕活動可追溯到 50 年代初期,當時可口可樂公司來臺舉
               辦行銷活動,其中一項就是沙雕藝術。直到數十年過後,1989 年東北角鹽
               寮地區所舉辦的沙雕賽事,邀請了美國沙雕大師蓋瑞•柯克(Gerry Kirk)在
               拿大的五位沙雕好手,雕塑出長達 30 公尺、寬 25 公尺、高 10 公尺的巨型
                                                                                                                                     Sand Sculpture Festival Reviews
               A dream through stepping on the sand                                                                   2008           Reproduction of the sand sculptures

                A story starts from the ground under your feet                                                                       to bring back wonderful memories in

                    The earliest activity of sand sculpture in Taiwan can be traced back to early
               1950 when the Coca-Cola Company held the first sand sculpture activity among                                 In the summer time of 2008, sand sculptures reappeared on the beach of the
               its marketing events. After a few decades, a sand sculpture competition held at                         Northeast coast to catch people's attention with surprises. More than 10 famous
               Northeast's Yanliao in 1989 invited an American master of sand sculpting- Gerry                         masters of sand sculpting were invited to 2008's Sand Sculpture Art Festival to
               Kirk, who created large sand sculptures such as the Forbidden City and a crystal                        perform the creation of sand sculpture and teach visitors in an attempt to recall
               palace. In addition, another 4 masters of the U.S. and Canada came with him,                            people's memories about this unique art form of sand in Fulong. Among all the sand
               creating a 30 meters long, 25 meters wide, and 10 meters tall huge magic sand                           sculptures, the 'underwater-world theme' based on the underwater dragon cave
               castle, surprising the people who came here to play, and also opening their eyes to                     and the 'told the adventures of a sailor' had amazed the visitors with fantastic skills.
               the extent of art forms.

      14   金沙傳奇 不思議 / 旅程 一沙一世界                                                                                                                                                                 閱。漫漫沙情      15
           Incredible Golden Sand Legends                                                                                                                                                  About Fulong Beach
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