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2009           歷屆沙雕回顧                                                                                   2010           歷屆沙雕回顧
                             打造金色沙雕玩國                                                                                                金沙漂浪,再創黃金神話傳奇

                   配合觀光局推動「觀光拔尖領航方案」,以「拔尖」、「築底」、「提升」                                                                       2010 年的福隆沙雕藝術季,首度邀請來自美國曾榮獲 7 項世界大獎、建

               三大主軸串聯,打造一座座「觀光拔尖領航」的沙雕作品,具有十足的話題                                                                      造 400 多座沙雕作品的沙雕公司(The Sand Sculpture Company)團隊,首創臺
               性外,更為往後藝術休閒觀光領域奠下重要根基。                                                                                 灣最大 3D 沙雕作品「3D 熱帶 tiki 天堂」,更為當時福隆沙雕藝術季寫下展覽
                                                                                                                      期間 10 萬人次湧入參觀的新記錄,再次創下福隆黃金沙雕傳奇。

                              Sand Sculpture Festival Reviews                                                                         Sand Sculpture Festival Reviews
               2009           Creation of a golden sand sculpture                                                      2010           Recreation of the golden mythological

                              paradise                                                                                                legends with the golden sand

                     In response to the Tourism Bureau’s 'Project Vanguard For Excellence                                       The Sand Sculpture Company in the US, holding 7 Guinness Awards and
                In Tourism', 'Summit', 'Keystone', and 'Propeller' were used as the three main                             creating more than 400 sand sculptures, was invited to 2010 Fulong International
                concepts to build a variety of sand sculptures. These eye-catching sand sculptures                         Sand Sculpture Art Festival. This American team created a giant sand sculpture
                establish a significant groundwork for the artistic leisure tourism industry.                              dubbed '3D Tropical Paradise' which was the largest ever seen in Taiwan, creating
                                                                                                                           another new record with 100,000 visitors coming to Fulong Beach during the festival.

      16   金沙傳奇 不思議 / 旅程 一沙一世界                                                                                                                                                                 閱。漫漫沙情      17
           Incredible Golden Sand Legends                                                                                                                                                  About Fulong Beach
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